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coveAbout Dr. K. Muhammad
My most vivid childhood memories involve watching my grandmother suffer through illness. Her doctors prescribed an endless supply of medications, none of which provided her much relief. Seeing my grandmother suffer in this way, sparked my interest in health care at a very young age.  I knew I wanted to dedicate my life assisting individuals to increase their quality of life.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself graduating from East Carolina University with a BS (Bachelor of Science) in Health Promotion and Wellness. Post graduation, I worked as a Health Educator at a local fitness center and taught health, science, and nutrition classes at a community college.

Five years later I decided to further my education and received my RN (Registered Nurse) from Presbyterian School of Nursing. From here I worked as a RN for 9 years in a variety of medical and community settings both local and national including; cancer centers, urgent care centers, mental health and substance abuse clinics, pain clinics, diabetes and thyroid clinics, as well as homeless shelters.

Despite  this satisfactory career, I still had an urge to further my education in preventive health. I received my ND (Naturopathic Doctor) from Trinity School of Natural Health

Throughout my education and career I have also been able to become certified as a Certified Natural Health Provider as well as a Basic Life Support Instructor (CPR and First Aid) through the American Heart Association.

Presently, I am working both as a RN as well as providing health consulting as a ND. My extensive education and practical experience in the fields of nursing and naturopathy allows me to advise my clients and aid them in their transformation to a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.